Heritage Gravity Filter System

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Discover the Doulton Water Filters' Heritage Filter – a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, purpose-built to deliver unparalleled water purity.

Exquisitely crafted in Britain, this gravity filter pays homage to centuries of renowned craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to providing water of the utmost quality and taste. Drawing inspiration from the original ceramic gravity filters dating back to the 1820s, it masterfully intertwines wisdom, innovation, and timeless tradition.

Crafted from ceramic, this gravity-fed system comprises two containers, designed for effortless operation without the need for complex plumbing. The system's internal chamber fills with untreated water, which then filters down into the external chamber using the force of gravity, passing through the meticulously engineered ceramic water filter elements. 
Unlike ordinary water filters, the Heritage Filter serves as a symbol of elevated daily rituals and enhanced well-being. Meticulously designed, it comes complete with two Doulton Ultra Sterasyl filter elements, for the reduction of common contaminants, chlorine, organics and lead*, and a robust wooden stand that elevates the unit off the countertop, granting easy access to the filter system's tap from any surface. Embrace the excellence of the Heritage Filter and savour the purest water, celebrating the profound connection between the past and the future. 

Unlock the legacy of Doulton Water Filters' Heritage Filter and experience water purification at its finest – a true testament to the art of craftsmanship and devotion to pristine water quality. Elevate your hydration experience and embrace the essence of time-honoured innovation with this exceptional gravity filter. Trust in tradition, embrace innovation, and indulge in the purest taste of water with the Heritage Filter, now available for you to bring home. 



*Check individual performance on our performance data sheet.

More Information
Filter Type Ceramic Element
Width (mm) 295mm (including stand)
Diameter (mm) 295mm (including stand)
Height (mm) 660mm (including stand & lid)
Weight KG 8.500000
NSF Certified No
System Category System
System Type Countertop
WRAS Certified No
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Customer Questions
How much filtered water will I get in my Heritage Gravity Filter System?

The lower section of the chamber has a capacity of approximately 4.5 litres, designed to hold filtered water. 

Can I fill the inner chamber of my Heritage Gravity Filter System when the external chamber is full?

No. It is imperative to empty the external chamber to facilitate the filtration of water from the inner chamber. 

How often should I replace my filter elements?

Simply replace the ceramic filter every six months for continuous pure water. 

Can I use another manufacturer's filter elements with my Heritage Gravity Filter System?

We only recommend use with genuine Doulton Ultra Sterasyl filter elements. 

Does the Heritage Gravity Filter System come with a stand?

Yes, it is supplied with a wooden stand. 

How long will it take for the internal chamber of my Heritage Gravity Filter System to fill with water?

This is dependent upon the quality of your water.  

Can I drink the water from the external chamber of my Heritage Gravity Filter System?

Yes, this has undergone filtration using your filter components. 

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